This project utilized 13,632 square yards of NAUE Secugrid® 30/30 Q1 Geogrid in order to reinforce the base course layer underneath an aircraft hangar & taxiway. Geogrids can increase the life expectancy underneath heavily loaded areas such as an airport.

The Secugrid® 30/30 Q1 was provided as an alternative product on this job. The Secugrid® offers some of the highest values in the market in regards to tensile strength & aperture stability, but the true biaxial nature of the Secugrid® was the main selling point in this application. This unique feature to a rigid grid allows the engineer and contractor to feel confident that the product will perform regardless of which way it is rolled out or which way traffic is moving.

Project Name: Aircraft Maintenance Hanger – Meridian, MS
Installation Contractor: Construction Plus, Inc
Engineer: Engineering Plus, Inc
Project Type: Reinforcement of airport hanger & taxiway
Product: Secugrid® 30/30 Q1