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References of NAUE geosynthetics installations

Reinforcement for Multi-Use Pathway

The Surrey Lake Greenway is a multi-use pathway for pedestrians, cyclists, and other non-motorised users, which will eventually run along Surrey’s Hydro corridor from 140 Street to 148 Street and along 76 Avenue from 148 Street to 152 Street. The Surrey Lake Greenway site is located between residential backyards and agricultural [...]

Soil Stabilization for New Roadway Build

NAUE Combigrid® was used to improve the load bearing capacity of the subgrade in the construction of a new 2-lane roadway in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. NAUE Combigrid® 30/30 Q1 151 GRK3 was chosen for the Saskatoon roadway project because its unique combination of both geotextile and high strength geogrids, in a single [...]