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Nonwoven Secutex® Green

Secutex® Green is a 100% biodegradable, mechanically bonded separation and filtration nonwoven, that fulfils the functions separation, filtration and protection.

NAUE GreenLine

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in all aspects of our daily life. Geotechnical solutions have been contributing to more sustainability in the construction industry for a long time already. Our NAUE GreenLine is taking it one step further and focuses exclusively on biodegradable products.


Reduced transport emissions and improved CO2 balance.


Certified degradability both in industrial and home composting as well as under suitable conditions in the environment.


Use of exclusively organic, natural and renewable raw materials.


Processing of the organic nonwoven geotextile by soil organisms, microorganisms and fungi.

The Quality

Due to the controlled production process of the fibres used and the nonwoven, we guarantee a constant quality. The best possible mechanical properties are achieved with industrially produced staple fibres. The fibres are manufactured from 100% renewable raw materials from certified sources in a sustainable industrial process.

The Cycle

The manufacturing process is exclusively based on organic, natural, renewable raw materials. This allows the entry into the circular economy and thus the development of sustainable economic systems.
Independent institutes confirm the certified biodegradability, according to the respective valid standards in industrial and home composting. Soil organisms, microorganisms and fungi as well as the influence of oxygen contribute to the biological degradation of the product. Scientific studies show that animal stomach acid attacks the material, so there is no danger to living creatures when absorbing fibres.
During production, particular emphasis is placed on the recycling of process water and an overall 95% lower water consumption than in cotton fibre production, for example.

Secutex® Green Fields of Application

In many applications, it is necessary to maintain the product properties for a defined period. The range of applications and service life depend on the location factors such as soil, water and climate conditions of the respective project. Typical fields of application are:

  • Separation, filtration and protection layers
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Temporary path and road construction
  • Embankment protection/natural-related waterway construction
  • Coastal protection (single nonwoven geotextile layer and/or sand containers)
  • Scour protection (sand containers)

German Geotextile Robustness Classes (GRK)

The robustness can be adapted to your individual requirements. The German geotextile robustness class (GRK) characterises the resistance against mechanical stresses during installation and construction.
Secutex® Green is available in the robustness classes GRK 2 (low) to GRK 5 (high) and in widths of 2m, 4m and 6m.

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guarantees biodegradability in an industrial composting plant.

OK compost HOME

guarantees complete biodegradability under consideration of specific requirements in the garden compost.

OK biodegradable WATER

guarantees biological degradation in a natural fresh water environment.

OK biodegradable SOIL

guarantees the complete biodegradability in soil and no negative effects on the environment.

OK biodegradable MARINE

guarantees the biological degradation in a natural seawater environment.
Nonwoven Secutex® Green product picture

Secutex® Green

Nonwoven Secutex® Green for construction roads, temporary applications

Construction roads, temporary applications

Nonwoven Secutex® Green for road construction in ecologically sensitive environments

Road construction in ecologically sensitive environments

Nonwoven Secutex® Green for waterway construction, bank protection

Waterway construction, bank protection