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is a chemical resistant geomembrane with smooth of structure-embossed surface for sealing applications.


Carbofol® geomembranes provide a complete seal against even the most toxic substances. Routinely installed as a component of landfill base seals as well as caps Carbofol® protects groundwater from contamination. Even the strictest regulations and controls for the storage, filling, handling, manufacturing, treatment and use of contaminated liquids, such as Germany’s Water Conservation Act (WHG) and Britain’s Environmental Protection Act (EPA), are easily satisfied with Carbofol®. The product is also suitable for potable water and non-toxiccontainment applications such as water conveyance structures, canals or ponds. Individual solutions can also be developed for steeper slopes utilising our structured-surface material with higher friction coefficients for greater safety.

Advantages of Carbofol®

  • versatile sealing applications possible
  • excellent chemical resistance due to selected raw materials
  • free from leaching plasticizer
  • extreme high elongation during uni-axial and multi-axial deformation
  • high stress cracking resistance
  • very high UV-resistance
  • direction independent shear stress transfer with structured surfaces
  • high interface friction angles with embossed structured surface
  • complete quality control from the resin to the final product
  • installation advantages with up to 9.40 m wide liner
  • high Melt Flow Index allows an excellent
  • welding performance smooth edges with removable
  • plastic tape for clean welding surface and overlap lines
  • durable product with more than 40 years of project experience
  • also available according to GM-13 and with BAM and DIBt approval
  • ISO 9001 certified
  • CE marked


In 1989 Carbofol® became the first geomembrane certified by the Federal Institute for Material Testing and Research (BAM). Currently, Carbofol® HDPE 507 (smooth and structured) 2.5 mm thick are BAM certified for use in landfill engineering. For ground water pro tection applications, Carbofol® geomembranes (2.0 mm) are certified by the German Institute for Con struc tion Technology (DIBt) and are of course also available according to GM 13 requirements. Further international certifications for Carbofol® have been issued in, amongst others, most European countries. Extensive manufacturing and third-party quality control allow complete documentation of production from the raw material to the finished product. Carbofol® is extremely durable, and is both extremly chemically and UV resistant. Welding of seams and repairs is done by state-of-the-art welding equipment which records all per tinent data as welding is per formed. Air pressure tests or vacuum tests verify the integrity of the seams so you can be confident in the finished job.


Utilising the most advanced welding technology and with authorised installation experts, quick and efficient installation programmes are possible. The superior weldability of Carbofol® means quicker installation facilitating a speedier approval of your projects.


Side markings on the rolls indicate proper overlap distances for the welding crews and protective edge-strips main tain a clean surface prior to welding. Structural details such as attachments and penetrations are easily carried out directly on site. The entire process is effortless for the installer.


Decades of successful applications are proof of the high quality of Carbofol® and our commitment to excellence. Industry knows Carbofol® for its problem-free manufacturing and installation even when meeting the strictest permitting requirements. This translates into the safest and highest quality available for your projects.