Approximately 26,000 square yards of NAUE Secugrid® 30/30 Q1 Geogrid was chosen for stabilization of an Oxidation Ditch. Geogrids are often used to stabilize large tracts of land in order to support machinery as well as building structures on the land.

The Secugrid® was not originally specified on this job, however, the contractor was attracted to its price competitiveness and availability. Once the contractor was on board, the geotechnical engineer was contacted for an approval of the Secugrid® 30/30 Q1. The true biaxial strength of this product in both directions allowed the contractor to lay it out quickly in multiple directions without any concerns of integrity.

Project Name: Maryville Wastewater Treatment Plant – Maryville, TN
Contractor: Blount Excavating
Engineer: JR Waufford & Associates
Project Type: Land Stabilization
Product: Secugrid® 30/30 Q1