The Secugrid® 30/30 Q1 was chosen for the construction of a new runway. Approximately 45,000 square yards was used for the stabilization of loose gravel over top of clay soils. Airport runways commonly use geogrids during construction.

A letter was originally submitted to the engineer of this job explaining the suitability of NAUE Secugrid® Geogrid for this application. After several discussions with the engineer, contractor, and distributor the Secugrid® 30/30 Q1 was chosen. The FAA also gave approval of the Secugrid® for this job. The Secugrid’s® large roll width as well as price competitiveness ended up providing a substantial overall cost savings on the job.

Project Name: McMinnville Airport – McMinnville, OR
Contractor: Kerr Construction
Engineer: Century West (Bend, OR)
Project Type: Base Course Reinforcement
Product: Secugrid® 30/30 Q1