NAUE Secugrid® 30/30 Q1 Geogrid was chosen to stabilize a tract of land being used for a pipe storage area. Approximately 20,000 square yards of geogrid was laid down in the storage area, which will provide extra stabilization for the heavy loading that is expected.

Shortly after being made aware of the full NAUE product offering, including geotextiles and geogrids, Ellis Landworks called with the Berg Pipe Plant opportunity. The contractor was impressed with the performance characteristics of the Secugrid®, coupled with the competitive pricing offered. The Secugrid’s® true biaxial strength is perfect for this application, where equal amounts of strength are required in each direction.

Project Name: Berg Pipe Plant – Mobile, AL
Contractor: Ellis Landworks
Project Type: Base Stabilization of a storage area
Product: Secugrid® 30/30 Q1