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Reinforcement and Separation for gravel access road


NAUE Geosynthetics provided a single product reinforcement and separation solution for the upgrading of a 2km long unbound access road which runs across extremely soft subsoil conditions in south central British Columbia, Canada. Building and maintaining unpaved access roads through the forests and grasslands of the Kamloops area of British Columbia [...]

SecuCalc 2.2 – Unpaved Base Reinforcement with Secugrid® and Combigrid® Geogrids


SecuCalc allows a generic calculation of aggregate base material in unreinforced and Secugrid®, reinforced applications, such as under roadways, access/haul roads, parking lots or similar applications. Secugrid® geogrid reinforcement extends project service life, improves performance, reduces excavation, and lowers overall costs. SecuCalc 2.2 is based on test trials and 30+ years of engineering knowledge. And, [...]